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With the current progress in technology, digital media, social media has become one of the very fast and effective means of passing information. There is absolutely all kind of information on the different available social media platforms. Christians have not been left behind on this social media tide. There is a lot of Christian materials suitable for all ages.


Churches, Christian music groups shave also taken to social media to advertise themselves. Even more, they are using the online media to share the gospel with the large audience that is on these platforms. These may come in the form of uploading sermons, music, inspirational stories, and videos among others that give people hope and bring them closer to Christ. Some of the videos are also meant to show people the right way towards achieving the final promise which is the eternal life.


Just like in other sectors, there are people that have identified business opportunities in need of having Christian materials on the internet. Some of these companies are engaged in helping organizations and institutions such as the churches, evangelistic ministries, Christian schools, bookshops, music teams among others to advertise. They also provide a platform where such institutions and organizations can upload any Christian materials that they may have and want to be shared with others, try not to laugh for kids.


It is on such platforms that you find inspiring stories like that of the 'miracle baby' born with little brain capacity. Everyone including the doctors considered this as a hopeless case. They had no hopes that the baby would live. For some of these babies, the doctors had even suggested termination of the pregnancies to the parents. It is encouraging to hear the parents of these children tell the story of how they decided to bring the kids to life despite most of the people having given up on them. The lives of these children is also a piece of inspiration. It is amazing how some of them have grown up to be some years old against the expectations of a majority of the people that expected them not to live. It is this spirit of fighting in such children that make administrators of Christian online social media platforms that make such videos to be uploaded to online Christian platforms. For individuals that are going through difficult situations, watching such videos at https://christlikemedia.com  can encourage them to hive life a chance and not give up.


Christians are encouraged to go online and check out these videos as they may draw inspiration from them and have a new purpose for living. Look for more information about videos at http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Video_production_information.